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Mr. Wright has worked in the cigar industry for over 30 plus years. He’s worked for such companies as Swisher Int’l, Inter Continental Cigar Co., Camacho and Davidoff, just to name a few. They are highly respected in the industry and known for producing top of the line products.

Before enjoying these cigars we feel it is imperative to understand its grassroots and coming of age. Mr. Wright is student of the tobacco process from crop to shop. He’s made numerous visits to various farms and cigar factories in Honduras, Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. He’s taken all of these experiences and incorporated them into one concept that defines his blend.

Mr. Wright is also a talented musician who uses the same passion, dedication and respect that he has for music that he’s now applying to his cigar line, Pura Soul. He’s been playing the saxophones for over 40 years of his life. He finds joy in collaborating with other talented musicians and playing at concerts and other events.

When asked, Mr. Wright responded, “Music has the ability to express the emotions that words simply cannot. It has the power to combine our physical, emotional and spiritual essence into an occasional timeless groundbreaking, masterpiece.” Now keeping that in mind, try to imagine such sounds while enjoying your Pura Soul cigar. The synergistic combination of a good cigar and the right music will contribute to the ambiance in a social setting and or offer tranquility and serenity when alone.

According to Mr. Wright it has the ability to allow the smoker to get in tune with the spirit of the moment and or just decompress.  “All I ask is that you faithful cigars smokers and even the non-smokers try this cigar. Maybe even with a classic jazz selection or blues of your choice in the background. You will not be disappointed.”


Pura Soul.

About Robert Wright

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