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About PURA SOUL Cigars


The first of two blends is from Nicaragua. It offers an intense, delicate, bold and powerful flavor. It’s blended with the finest tobacco leaves grown in Nicaragua that featured in 5 sizes.

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of enjoying this intensely delicate yet bold and powerful blend of the finest tobacco leaves grown in Nicaragua, you’re certainly missing out. This cigar is the end result of a lifetime of passion and determination combined and assembled into a form that you, the smoker, can experience. It’s an exhilarating rush.

This cigar is an intricate blend, one that presents itself as a powerful cigar but at the same time smooth and rich in flavor.

These cigars are full flavored and medium bodied. In addition to the aforementioned, it also offers a very complex and pleasant balanced in its profile.

The cigars are available in five sizes:

 48 x 6

 50 x 5

 50 x 6

 52 x 7

 60 x 6 


In August 2014, Pura Soul Cigars announced a second release launched at the 2014 IPCPR. The new blend is a Honduran Puro that comes from the well-regarded Jamastran Valley produced by the Eiroa family at Camp Aladino. “The Honduran line has been upped in body whilst staying true to its tasteful foundations.”  

These cigars are full flavored and full bodied.  They offer a variety of complex flavors all while maintaining its balance.


The Pura Soul Honduran is featured in four sizes in 20 count boxes:

 50 x 5 (Boxed Pressed)

 48 x 6

 54 x 6

 64 x 7


The price point is very reasonable considering the quality behind the cigars and the prestigious Eiroa family in charge of production. Prices range from $7.00 - $9.04 MSRP.

Pura Soul Maduro     


Description: This Maduro offers notes of sweet spice that leaves a savory and pleasurable quality in the palate.


Strength: Medium 
Origin: Made in Honduras
Wrapper: Mexican San Andreas Maduro
Binder: Eiroa Honduran
Filler: Honduran


Available in 20 Count box







Limited production, price will range from $7.65 - $9.45.

Pura Soul Barber Pole 


Description: A medium to full bodied, full flavor, well balance blend that alternates the richness and unique qualities that the Corojo and Maduro wrappers offer. This new Pura Soul Cigar is an awesome smoking experience that will be enjoyed by all.


Made in Honduras
Wrapper: Eiroa Corojo and Mexican San Andreas Maduro 
Filler Eiroa Corojo
Binder: Honduran


Available in 20 Count box








Limited production, price will range from $11.00 - $12.00 MSRP. 



Kings Treasure- Newest to our portfolio

Handmade Dominican long filled tobacco blend wrapped in a quality Ecuadorian leaf.
It’s a mild to medium body strength that offers a diverse mix of full flavors.
Cedar sheet included to enhance the flavor.
Flavors of cream, a little cinnamon and dark chocolate.
Handmade in the Dominican Republic

Available in:
50 X 5 Robusto
54 X 6 Toro
50 X 7 Churchill
60 X 6 Gordo
44 X 6 Lonsdale

All sizes are available in Ecuadorian Connecticut and

San Andreas Maduro Wrappers.
All wrappers are priced the same.


House Blends – 20 count bundles

Three long Leaf Premium blends, crafted to offer the finest smoking experience. These cigars are blended for the experience smokers who appreciate quality, balance and complexity at a reasonable price. If you don’t need all the bells and whistle, just an awesome smoking experience, then these blends are just for you?


Ecuadorian CT wrapper, a silky looking leaf that adds a lovely creamy texture to this mild blend. This blend delivers a unique richness with a hint of white pepper.


Habana wrapper offers a mild to medium strength blend. The initial taste is bold and intense that evolves and transitions with hints of sweet spices and dark chocolate. This blend is consistent with the Cuban tradition.


 San Andreas Maduro is a medium bodied, rich, creamy and hearty in taste. A very complex smoking experience.


Sizes:        42 x 5 ½  Corona

                  50 x 5      Robusto

                  50 x 6      Toro

                  50 x 7      Churchill

                  52 x 6 ½  Torpedo

                  60 x 6      Gordo

Special Selection – 20 count bundles

These bundles are superbly constructed using high quality wrappers and Dominican tobacco leaves offered at an affordable price.


The Sumatra bundle: is a smooth and silky wrapper, mild in strength, full in flavor varying notes of white pepper and sweet cinnamon zest.    


The Maduro bundle: has a mild to medium dark, smooth and even San Andreas Mexican wrapper similar to the Quality Selection but with additional notes of molasses, and chocolate.

Sizes:        42 x 5 ½ Corona

                  50 x 5     Robusto

                  50 x 6     Toro

                  50 x 7     Churchill

                  52 x 6 ½ Torpedo

                  60 x 6     Gordo

Quality Selection - 20 count bundles

These bundles are superbly constructed using high quality wrappers and Dominican tobacco leaves offered at an affordable price.


The Ecuadorian CT wrapper bundle: is a mild smooth blend that delivers a flavorful and pleasant mix of cinnamon and cedar with a bit of vanilla bean.


The Habana wrapper bundle: is a mild to medium blend that offers notes of pepper, roasted coffee and a hint of sweetness.

The Maduro wrapper bundle: is mild with a complex mix of sweetness, dark cocoa and a nutty earthy nuance. 

Sizes:       42 x 5 ½  Corona

                  50 x 5      Robusto

                  50 x 6      Toro

                  50 x 7      Churchill

                  52 x 6 ½ Torpedo

                  60 x 6      Gordo

Quality Surplus - 20 count bundle




All Natural Leaf Cigar




Sweet Tip Natural


The most affordable bundle in our portfolio

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